Meet Warren

History & Background


While in London, Warren acquired his teaching certification in the ‘International Style’ of dance. First as an Associate Member, then soon after a Licentiate Member of the world renowned International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA). He is also a professional member of the Canadian DanceSport Federation (CDF) which is the national governing body for teachers of dance in Canada. What really sets Warren apart from other teachers is his ability to create an atmosphere of learning that is relaxed, un-intimidating and open; while still giving instruction of the highest level.


Warren’s high degree of teaching and performing ability has led him around the world (Canada, USA, England, France, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia) where he has been exposed to numerous styles. He is versed in the 4 major styles of partner dancing: International Standard and Latin, American Style Smooth and Rhythm, Club Style dancing – and Country dance as well! To keep himself apprised of the latest trends and continue his own learning, Warren invites other top teachers from around the world to come to Kelowna to give lessons and workshops to him and his students.


Any hobby or sport must be enjoyable; if not why do it! Dance is no exception. It’s natural to have a bit of anxiety or nervousness around dancing. No one wants to look goofy or feel embarrassed. Warren totally understands this and it shows in his classes and teaching style. Warren uses the K.I.S.S. method of teaching- Keep It Super Simple! When we can see ourselves improving it gives us encouragement to know we can do it! All classes have warm greetings, humour and energy! These essential ingredients are what keep his students coming back year after year.

Latinesque Through the Years