Our Dance Packages

Dance Styles Offered

Cha Cha
This is a fabulous, versatile dance which is characterized by quick feet and sharp movements to give it a flirty and cheeky feel. The rhythm for Cha Cha is very versatile. As a result many different styles of music may be used such as Latin, Pop, Disco and even Country music! Traditional Music: Oye com ova – Santana, Guantanamera, Tea for two Modern Music: Get the party started – Pink, Smooth – Santana, What you waiting for? – Gwen Stefani, My Maria – Brooks and Dunn
Samba hails from Brazil where it is the national dance. It is characterized by what is called a “pulse and pendulum action” of the knees and pelvis. Powerful drums and festival whistles give the traditional feel of Samba music which makes you want to dance down the streets of Rio! Traditional Music: Samba de Janeiro, Copacabana, Brazil. Modern Music: Rich girl, Maria, Girl from Ipanema
The true “American dance”. Jive is probably the most popular style of dance with many variations out there. Generally, it is a very energetic dance with quick feet and sharp turns that enhance the fun and spirited feel of the music! Traditional Music: Rock around the clock, Jailhouse rock Modern Music: Baby likes to rock it, Takin care of business, Jungle love
The only slow Latin dance, Rumba, is the spirit and soul of Latin American music and dance and is considered the sexiest of the Latin dances. The fascinating rhythms and bodily expression make it one of the most popular as well. Beginning level dancers can experience the closeness of partner dancing while advanced dancers can master the art of body language. Traditional Music: Besame Mucho, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Perfidia Modern Music: Falling into you, Unbreak my heart, Emotions
By far the most popular dance at the moment. Salsa is an exciting sexy dance where inhibitions are lost as bodies gyrate together to build up a heated sweat! With roots in Cuba and Puerto Rico it is rich in cultural history and has a very unique music style which makes you feel you are on a hot tropical beach somewhere! Traditional Music: Most you will never have heard of Modern Music: Tequila, Mambo # 5, Ran Kan Kan
The “care-free” dance. This is an all-purpose dance that can be used to a variety of music styles. Smooth, gliding steps with a heel lead, characterize the easy-going, light-hearted feel of this wonderful dance! Traditional Music: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin Modern Music: Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr.
The dance of romance. The “traditional” Ballroom dance. Waltz has the unmistakable rise – and – fall action which gives it a look of grace and beauty. This dance also has a smooth feel with romantic and delicate undertones. Music: “Are you Lonesome tonight?”, “May I have this dance?” “Fascination”
The dance of passion. Tango is characterized by a close hold, low centre of gravity and stealthy cat-like movements across the floor. The music can be very dramatic so there is a slight feel of urgency as dancers stride across the floor. Traditional Music: “La Cumparsita”, “Hernandos Hideaway”, “Phantom of the Opera” Modern Music: Modern variations on the Tango music have come primarily from the group “The Gotan Project”
The Joyful dance. This is the fastest of the smooth dances and has a very vibrant and up-lifting look and feel. It is characterized by fast footwork and has “hops and skips” sprinkled in to keep this dance light and energetic! Music: “Let’s face the music and dance”, “Sing, Sing, Sing”
Nightclub 2
The slow dance. A newer dance on the scene, Nightclub 2 was invented to be used for all the “love songs” that don’t fit into the rhythm of the other smooth dances. It is an easy dance in structure and is characterized by a gentle sway from side to side with some progression around the floor as well.
Bachata grew out of the dance styles of bolero and meringue and originated in the countryside and rural neighbourhoods of the Donimican Republic. The music is marked by the bright sound of a cleanly plucked guitar. As a music of the underclass, bachata was banned from mainstream radio for decades because of its tough, streetwise subject matter. Bachata records never appeared on official charts until the 1990s, when mainstream musicians began to experiment with the style, and bachata was rehabilitated. The music of bachata is played by modern artists such as Prince Royce and subsequently has made the dance style as popular today as salsa and meringue.