"We have been enjoying Warren's salsa classes for years. He offers some wonderful routines that at first glance, seem beyond our skill level. Each session, Warren breaks it down into do-able movements. He offers specific advice and encouragement for each person/couple. We practice them until we can move on to the next section.  By the end, we can all do the movements well, with a smile! What we really appreciate is that we have fun while dancing to great music. We would recommend Warren as a fabulous dance teacher. He is patient, funny, and champions each person to dance their very best."

Thank you Warren

- Shirley and Ron

"I have taken various group lessons with Warren over the years. He is unique in style of teaching. With a group you have folks of various experience with dance or no dance experience however he is able to teach in a way that everyone benefits and learns, this is a special talent. I will in the future attend more classes when the covid virus is done."

- Diane Parker

Warren Eaton is truly an outstanding professional dance instructor. He is friendly, likable, very approachable, and offers excellent developmental lessons in both Latin and ballroom dances. Warren has superb knowledge and exceptionally high skill in all the dances and favourably accommodates dancers at every level of dance. I've taken numerous group and private lessons from Warren and, with his excellent teaching, he has certainly helped me become a better dancer, as well as heighten my ongoing interest in dancing. I highly recommend Warren’s classes to anyone interested in getting started or wanting to review and learn new dance steps and further improve or greatly advance their dancing skills. Kelowna is very fortunate to have the high level of dance instruction that Warren offers at Latinesque. The classes are enjoyable, well organized, perfectly paced and nicely stimulating. My partner and I have valued them very much!"

- Don Mueller

"I decided to take up a dance class to learn some Cha-cha steps here and a few Rumba moves there. So I start taking classes with Warren Eaton only to experience a dance teacher who in an amazing, mind boggling, patient and humorous way, teaches me a profound form of the art of dance that bolts my body into shape, twists my brain into sharpness, inspires my mind into balance and excites my creativity into a moment of absolute presence that muses the senses every time for more! Warren teaches you, through his love for dance, the gifts of the dance of life, disguised in awesome music, sublime technique and the evanescent movement of elegance."

- Sandy Wolf

"SO much fun! I had zero dance experience before taking Warren's classes, but he was very welcoming regardless. He offers a variety of techniques and styles and ensures to take the time to go over the routines and movements as often as necessary to help you understand them better. His energetic personality and witty humour makes the experience a lot of fun. My body strength and posture have really improved as well! So if you like to move, laugh and learn something new, I highly recommend checking out his classes! I'm sure glad I did :)"

- Katie K.

"Warren is skilled in both technique and teaching. He is able to teach a large class while still giving individual attention to each student. His classes are a really fun environment with no pressure. I enjoy that he offers packages with short time limits (like 6 weeks at a time) so you don’t feel committed to a year long class. He changes up the styles with every new cycle and I had a lot of fun taking his classes. Highly recommend!"

- Skyler R.

"If you're looking to start your dance journey right, you need to take classes with Warren Eaton. Warren is amazing, well-experienced dance instructor/dancer/choreographer. His class is always fun, engaging and exciting. He is very knowledgeable, experienced and pleasant. He creates a sense of community and brings people together. You will feel that sense of belonging and sense of community in his class. Take some private classes if you want to improve your dance skills quickly and properly. You will be an amazing dancer in no time."

- Niva K.

"Man or woman, beginner or pro, Warren will always make you feel at ease and bring fun and excitement to your dance experience. Not only does he have superb training in a wide variety of dance styles, he also has a unique, down-to-earth style of teaching and can work with each dancer's strengths - and he's simply a great guy to spend an evening with! We've enjoyed his individual and group lessons, for couples and for singles over the years.

If you've ever thought of getting a little dance into your life, Latinesque is simply the best place to do it!!"

- Andrew P.

"Warren is always a pleasure to learn from! He takes time with every student to make sure they understand the steps properly and always seems to know exactly what to say to help you improve while still making the class fun. I've taken a lot of his classes and have seen people who've never even danced learn how to lead their partner in just a few classes, he makes it nice and easy for anyone to learn. 5/5 would recommend!"

- Evan A.

"Warren is incredibly skilled in the art of dance and movement and has many years of experience backing him. He is very passionate about dance and teaching. He also possesses such amazing gift in teaching these skills and transferring them to others. His classes are fun, engaging and has have kept me going back for years."

- Sheida D.

"Warren provides a fun atmosphere no matter what your dance ability is when you start. I personally have learned so much from his instruction. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance or are an established dancer that wants better techniques, I highly recommend! Love attending classes at this studio."

- Maria K.

"Whether you are a beginner or a skilled dancer, you will improve your skills and enjoy yourself in Warren’s class. He is a passionate professional who seeks not only to instil correct techniques but also a love of dancing! Warren’s classes are always fun!"

- Heidi M.

"Warren is professional and his classes are well structured. Offers knowledge in large variety of dances with a focus on the Ballroom and Latin varieties. Also offers private training for weddings, competitions, or just to improve overall dancing skills."

- Nathan L.

"I have taken classes in Calgary and Vancouver and Warrens classes are the best. His approach to any level you are makes you feel very comfortable in your dance experience. I wish he would start a dance school in Vancouver."

- Teresa C.

"I took group and private lessons with Warren and Latinesque! Best dance classes ever!!! If you are looking for private or group classes, Warren is an amazing instructor! I highly recommend Warren for both private and group classes in pretty much any dance style!"

- Crystal F.

"There is a big difference between someone who claims to have read the dance technique books and passed written exams, versus someone who learned the dance techniques, passed the tests and has years of experience. The latter is the real teacher, not the former. Warren Eaton is the latter."

"With his years of knowledge and experience with American Style Ballroom & Latin, then years of training and experience, with some competition, all under World renowned International Ballroom & Latin teachers in England, Warren is the Only skilled and qualified Ballroom teacher in British Columbia, especially in the Okanagan, no one comes close to match Warren."

"Warren's classes are easily described: Professional, efficient teaching in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are so happy and grateful to have him around!"

- Chris D.

"I learned more in one class with Warren, than I had in all my previous years of dance class. He was able to correct my technique by watching me for only 2 mins. Wonderful energy, professional and fun! Truly one of the best dance instructors I’ve ever had."

- Tamara B.

"I think Warren makes the lessons fun! He very much understands where you are at and works to bring out the best in you!"

- Jill D.

"Warren taught Ballroom and Latin classes at my studio for a number of years and won the hearts of all my students. He is very professional, warm, organized, and easily develops trust through his excellent rapport with students. In all honesty, I will share a few testimonials to paint an excellent picture of how Warren can build confidence and instil the love of dance in his students.

Women reported to me that they had dragged their partners into the studio kicking and screaming, feeling totally insecure and out of their element.  Over time, they had completely transformed and were eager to leave the football or hockey game on a Sunday afternoon and come to class. They believed it to be a miracle!

One such reluctant senior Doctor showed up at a class without his wife, which surprised me.  Upon questioning him, he replied, “she had a bit of a heart attack, she is doing ok and in the hospital.  The other doctors can look after her, because there is no way I will miss my dance class”

It has been a number of years now since Warren taught classes and many of those beginners are still dancing, getting together for socials and have created lasting friendships. Together, they still reminisce about all the wonderful memories Warren created for them.  He gave them a lifetime gift; the gift of dance that continues to bring them them joy, happiness and laughter.  Warren has touched the lives of many, including mine.

Over the years, I have come to realize that being an excellent dance teacher is a gift.  One can know their stuff but not relay it to their students in a supportive, comprehensive and encouraging mannerism.  Warren has that gift, as well as extensive knowledge.  Whether you want to dance for fun and to socialize, or have a goal of performing or competition’s, I highly recommend Warren."

 - Jacqueline